Current Projects


Abjeez is a World-Pop band, led by the two charismatic sisters Safoura & Melody Safavi. Their lyrics, in Persian, Spanish, English and Swedish often discribes issues in the society in a humouristic way. Abjeez have recived great international recognition since their start in 2006 and have been touring on and off mostly in the US, Canada and Europe. For more info on Abjeez see: or:Ā 


Mar Flamenca is, as the name indicates, a flamenco group with the ocean as their source of inspiration, among other things of course.
They combine traditional and modern flamenco as well as covers and original compositions, mostly composed by their guitarist Johan Moberg Manantial.
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Charkikan play a, what they self call, Suburban Cumbia.
Cumbia from the suburbs of Stockholm with influences of Salsa, Mambo, Rock, Punk, Boleros, you name it. They have been playing at at all sorts of venues in Sweden and Europe for more than 10 years and are constantly expanding their fan base all over the world.
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The mix of this group is total, not only are the members from 4 different countries (Greece, Chile, Sweden and Cuba) but the repertoire and the instruments they play from song to song keep changing all the time. Mixed up play a huge variety of music styles in English Greek and Spanish. They are the perfect choice for your party, dinner or event.
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